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hello guise! c: it's april ( again ) with a new circle lens review. yes, i love circle lenses. this time, this review is sponsored by the lovely site klenspop, a circle lens online shop located in korea. they have a really neat website with nice photos and a huge variety of different circle lenses with and without prescription ( and also cosplay lenses ). if your order exceeds 50$ you will get a free pair of circle lenses too. so definitely check them out!

my circle lenses were shipped on december 16 and arrived yesterday, on january 3, which makes 19 days including the christmas days and new year. from my experience, this is really fast! c: klenspop sent me this little parcel and, as you can see, the circle lenses are carefully wrapped in bubble wrap.

i gasped as i saw what klenspop also sent me: eye drops for the circle lenses but also this super adorable lens case which includes circle lens tweezers and a mirror ( though i am endlessly in love with the cute pattern at the back ).

now to the circle lenses:
diameter: 14.8mm ( most websites say 15.0mm though! )
water content: 38%
base curve: 8.6mm
life span: 1 year disposal

i really really really adore the pattern - it looks so natural when you put them on despite the fact that they are very huge. they blend with dark brown eyes really well.

like i said - i am completely in love with them. i think of rebuying them again since they give you a very natural look. the design is wonderful and i think it is appropriate to wear them to more formal occasions too, and that is the fact i chose them. they are beautiful in every way, the pattern is well-made and the color matches any dark brown eyes. they also give you the ulzzang look with huge eyes, totally recommending!

due to the fact that these are 15.0mm diameter lenses, the enlargement is pretty big. but not so big that you would look like a bug, it still looks very natural. my eyes look brighter and i look less tired and angry. this is my first time wearing 15.0mm ( i think ) - my to-go circle lenses are 14.5mm, but i think  my very first ones were 14.8mm. the enlargement is great, i love it.

even though these lenses are huge, they don't feel uncomfortable at all. compared to the eos dollyeye ones, these ones are much softer and stay in place. maybe that's also because the gap for your pupils is much bigger, but they simply feel better. in general, i have the feeling that big circle lenses stick to your eye better - when i wear small ones i always have the feeling that they will pop out. ; - ; i am wearing them right now! they feel pretty good so far, i have no complaints at all. and if they might get dry, i still have the eye drops, no?

ignore my fail aegyo, pls.

here is the enlargement effect. pretty cool, right? c;

here you can see how the lenses blend with your eye color. no filters added!


thank you so much, klenspop, for sponsoring this review!
these circle lenses are pure heaven!

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  1. hi~ nice review! the lenses look really nice on you ><
    I want to buy from klenspop but Im a bit scared that they might be fake.
    Did the lenses come with an authenticity sticker? I'm just really confused because the vial looks a bit different from other grang grang vials, and theyre 14.8 in diameter D:
    oh phoo :( the struggles

    1. The vials look a bit different because they sell vials that are ment to be sold in korea. They told me that GEO doesnt put stickers on vials that are being shipped in korea. So sites like Pinky Paradise will send you vials that are in english and have a sticker because they are based outside of kroea. Where as Klenspop is located withen korea, they will send vials that are in korean and have no sticker. If you google 그랑그랑 you will find a pictures of korean bloggers and the majority of them wouldve bought them in a store in korea so their vials look identical to the ones from klens pop.

  2. Hi, I also received the grang grang choco lenses today. However, I noticed there was no authenticity sticker and the solution included with my order had a broken band. Despite the missing band and authenticity sticker I am going to take a risk and try the lenses because I paid only $15.50 for my order. Hopefully I don't end up with some crazy eye infection or something.

    1. I emailed them and they told me that GEO Medical only puts stickers on vials that are being exported out of korea. And because they are located in Korea they dont get shipments with the autehnticity sticker and the packaging is all in korean.

  3. Wow, I should just try their contact lens :)